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staff open shifts in an instant

It’s Thursday afternoon, and you have seven open shifts to fill before Friday or calls won’t be answered, patients won’t be seen, and customers won’t be served. The clock is ticking, and your organization’s reputation and revenues are on the line. What now?

We know the stakes are high because we’ve been there ourselves, struggling with day-to-day staffing challenges that can make or break even the most promising businesses. We’re so confident that our product works, we piloted it in one of the largest healthcare systems in Michigan. As our test grew from three unit floors to an entire hospital, we knew we had a winning formula. Our versatile mobile platform can simplify requests and responses down to a single click, provide updates in real time, and even gather feedback on employee performance. The days of endless calls and emails about last-minute shifts are finally over.

entrepreneurs are problem-solvers first

DemandWorkforce came to be easily enough. During a conversation about staffing for nurses, a realization appeared…there were plenty of currently employed nurses but not an efficient way to connect them to open opportunities. The existing methods were slow, inefficient and they were not working.

From this conversation, DemandWorkforce was born.

A Recruiting Executive coupled with a Technology Executive, Joe Saad and Steve Swanson, put an idea on a whiteboard that is now changing the way the marketplace picks up ad hoc shifts. Their goal was not to compete with the complex tools in existence but rather offer a low priced, easy to implement technology on top of the ERP or HR package to help connect staff to opportunities available.

From that first brainstorming meeting, DemandWorkforce has evolved to provide the same core business solution across many industries with a sleek, easy to use interface, customizable reporting and simple navigation.

Now with an experienced and talented development group, project management and account team and a first-class Board of Directors, DemandWorkforce is taking the staffing and scheduling world by storm. Committed to more innovations in the industry, DemandWorkforce will continue to create first class solutions across industry and skill area.