Why DemandWorkforce

DemandWorkforce has helped hospitals with one of the most pressing challenges faced daily; how to fill last minute shifts or adjust quickly based on patient admissions. Now, all industries can take advantage of the flexibility, classification based on certification or training, geo-targeting and other various groupings within specific industries to ensure ad hoc and last minute shifts are filled quickly, but with the appropriate staff. DemandWorkforce can be used with all staff including full-time, part-time or temporary including seasonal. It puts full control in your managers’ hands ensuring the optimal mix of the right employees with the required skillset to provide superior customer service.

Industries Served

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Transportation


“I can’t believe how easy DWF was to install and start using. I think it took less than 2 minutes for me to download the app and start receiving shift notifications”

- Registered Nurse


“I’m always concerned when we implement new technology into our business but DemandWorkforce was easier than I imagined and my team loves using the tool. At this point, it is a business critical technology in our organization.”

- Manager of Operations

Trucking & Logistics Company

“I used to be captive to logging into several systems to try and find extra shift opportunities, DemandWorkforce serves them up to my phone and I accept or decline within seconds. Using this app could literally not be easier.”

- Security Professional

Consumer Retail Organization