DemandWorkforce connects management with all of their staff instantly. A manager simply creates a shift request and clicks send. This request will instantly be delivered electronically to all qualified and approved personnel directly, who receive it on their mobile phone app...within seconds.

  • Fill shifts immediately, often within minutes of a request
  • Gives management time back in their day for other priorities
  • Save money on wasted administrative time from phone calls, text messages and other one-way communication systems that run in sequential models instead of concurrent communication
  • Enable staff to accept or decline shift opportunities with a simple swipe yes/no
  • Automatically track and log responses
  • Easily steer clear of any intrusion on staff work-life balance
  • Introduce an easy and intuitive system for your entire staff base to use

business benefits

  • Drastically reduce the percentage of understaffed shifts
  • Increase manager time mentoring staff, by reducing time spent scheduling
  • Improve engagement by connecting with your staff through an efficient portal that meets their needs and interests. Eliminate nuisance contacts associated with unwanted e-mails, text messages and phone calls
  • Analyze peak demand periods and evaluate the pay and processes most effective in filling high demand shifts
  • For healthcare systems specifically, implement a project embraced by the Professional Nurse Council - a Magnet project!

Staff Benefits

  • Take advantage of instant access to all available shifts
  • Enjoy the reduction in nuisance contacts from employer
  • Make the process clean, efficient and easy for employees
  • Easily download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play, once you’re approved, to get started